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Introducing.. Protect(HER)


I started wearing waist beads in July 2020. I purchased my first pair honestly just to support my sister and “check it out”. I didn’t know anything about waist beads then; now I know they hold a lot more meaning than that. My waist beads have become a special part of my LIFE journey, not just my weight-loss journey. Ericka created two strands just for me with a piece that I consider my healing stone while I’m in the fight of my life. If you can, I recommend getting the experience of being tied by the maker.

Kierra C.

If you can't love yourself, then you don't know what love means. My waistbeads taught me just that...LOVE. To also value myself and that beauty is not what's around me, but beauty is me.

Jackie C.

Since I’ve been wearing my waistbeads, I’ve gained so much more confidence in my body. I can see the results in my weight loss journey and not only that, my beads have become my new form of fashion. I love everything about my waistbeads! I can’t wait to add more to my collection!

Meka B.

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